WordPress 5.9 improves lazy loading largest content paint


Two More Major Release of WordPress in 2022.

First in Late May whereas the second one is Mid October.

The year 2022 starts with the release of WordPress 5.9.

It is the first major release of WordPress for the year 2022.

It comes with several performance improvements (Front EndImage, Speed, etc.).

WordPress 5.9 has released just a week ago and has been downloaded more than 16 million times.

Seems like users are so curious to enjoy full site editing (FSE).

Now, what’s next?

Well, the year has been started, and now we have come to know that two more major releases of WordPress are going to roll out this year.

The first one is called WordPress 6.0, which is scheduled to be released in late May, whereas the second one is called WordPress 6.1 in Mid October.

In a blog post, WordPress Executive Director Josepha said the relationship between WP 5.9 and WP 6.0 will be similar to WP 5.0 and WP 5.1. We accept users’ feedback to process and refine WP 5.9 in WP 6.0.

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