WordPress Block-Based Themes

The concept of WordPress Block-Based theme arises from the concept of Full Site Editing.

So, what is Full Site Editing basically?

In WordPress, Full site editing is basically an extension of blocks to all parts of the site rather than just posts and pages. That means, In full site editing we will use (add or replace) blocks not just in posts and pages but also on the sidebar, header, footer, logo, and so on.

What are Blocks in WordPress?

Blocks are basically components that add content to the new WordPress block editor.

In WordPress, there are different types of blocks available. For example, a common block that includes Heading, Paragraph, Image, etc. A Formatting block that includes Pullquote, Table, Verse, etc.

You can read about the different types of blocks available in WordPress from here.

What is a Block-Based Theme?

So, we can define a block-based theme as “a theme that is entirely composed of blocks, not just its post content but even its header, footer, sidebar, etc.”

Now, although the block-based theme feature was introduced in WordPress 5.6, full site editing is still in the experimental phase as it is the part of WordPress 5.9 that is scheduled to release on January 25, 2022.

So, for now, you might take care of your WordPress Posts or Pages dashboard using the Classic Editor plugin (that still has 5 million + downloads), you have to ultimately accept the WordPress blocks structure as it is improving day by day.

Those of you who already predict the importance of blocks in WordPress, this article is for you, because, here I am going to list some of the best WordPress Block-Based Themes.

Now as I said earlier, Full site editing is part of an upcoming WordPress release, hence, right now, we can enjoy the full potential of block-based themes by installing the Gutenberg Plugin.

So, here is our theme list.

List of Some of the Best WordPress Block-Based Themes

  1. Blockbase by Automatic
  2. Twenty Twenty Two by WordPress.org
  3. Tove by Anders Norén
  4. WOWMALL by Wowmall
  5. ONA by deothemes

You can find other WordPress themes that support full site editing on this page.

Why Block-Based Themes are better?

Since blocks are now part of WordPress core, Block-Based themes perform better in comparison to other themes on WordPress.

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