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With the successful completion of the WordPress 6.2 rollout, the team behind WordPress has started developing its next version called WordPress 6.3.

While with every new release, the team focuses on making the platform more efficient, both for the search engines and the webmasters.

Well, in this new release, the team is more focused on making the CMS easier to customize a website, which means they are coming up with a bunch of native customization options.

The development initiation of WordPress 6.3 also ends Phase 2 of the Gutenberg Project.

Automattic’s Product Wrangler, Anne McCarthy shared a list of things that they are planning to bring in WordPress 6.3.

WordPress 6.3 Upcoming Features and Improvements

  1. Easier editing of website’s content.
  2. Making a strong connection between template and content.
  3. Introducing some new sections in the site editor:
    1. Navigation: This section will have different options depending on how many menus you have and how complicated they are.
    2. Pages: Here, you find all the pages of your website so that you can edit and manage them right from the site editor.
    3. Styles: This section will also be added in the site editor so that you can easily adjust the appearance of your website.
  4. Theme Previews: This section will help you to easily see how your website looks on different themes without making them live on your website.
  5. Library: In this section, you can save and reuse blocks and template parts.
  6. They are also making a way to manage fonts easily in WordPress 6.3.

So, these are some of the features (out of many) the Automattic team is planning to bring in WordPress 6.3.

Release Date: The first testing version called Beta 1 is expected to release on June 27, 2023, whereas the stable final version is expected to release on August 8 this year.

So, get ready because some awesome improvements and new features are coming to WordPress 6.3.

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