Yoast SEO App for Shopify

If you are doing SEO of your WordPress website, then you definitely know about Yoast SEO as it is one of the most popular plugins in the WordPress repository.

Yoast SEO is a Search Engine Optimization plugin that helps users to optimize so many SEO tasks for their WordPress website. For example, Structured Data, Internal Linking, Keyword Optimization, etc.

In addition to WordPress, a separate Yoast SEO plugin is also available for WooCommerce (the best eCommerce facility provider (via Plugin) for WordPress).

So, while so far, only WordPress users were enjoying the facility of Yoast, now Shopify users are also going to get the same.

In a recent blog post, Yoast has announced they are going to give their facility for Shopify as well.

Yoast is launching an app on the Shopify app store on January 18, 2022.

The app will offer similar features like Yoast SEO for WooCommerce.

Yoast CEO, Thijs de Valk said, “Shopify is growing fast. It makes sense to build an app and profit from the growth of the platform”.

Recently, W3Techs conducted a survey to find out the Web Technologies of the year 2021.

In that survey, W3Techs teams find out, Shopify is the second-fastest-growing CMS. Around 4.4% of websites are built on Shopify. WordPress remains at the top position with 43.2% of websites are built on WordPress.

In his CMS market share analysis, Yoast founder Joost de Valk said, during the pandemic, WordPress showed tremendous growth by adding 0.3% to 0.4% market share month over month in a row. However, the same is now 0.2% every month from the last 6 months.

Shopify, on the other hand, is moving fast. In fact, in the last 6 months, it matches the growth of WordPress.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, people tend to buy and sell things online. That’s why the demand for eCommerce has risen which grows day by day. However, similar to WordPress, WooCommerce also showed slow growth in comparison to Shopify. In the last 6 months, on one hand, where WooCommerce added 0.4% market share, Shopify added 0.6%.

Yoast CEO, Thijs de Valk said, Yoast SEO app for Shopify will come at $29 per month. With this price, it has to compete with popular SEO apps like SEO King that is already available on Shopify App Store.

In WordPress, we can see, how many users have installed a plugin but the same feature is not available in the Shopify app store. Hence, it will be difficult for Yoast to find out their real competitor on Shopify.

De Valk said they haven’t recruited any other employee to develop the app for Shopify, instead, relying on the current employee. At Yoast, we love open-source but Shopify is a closed source software, hence we are breaking our tradition to release Yoast software for open source only. That happens because we have to make the web a better place too and Shopify is definitely making the web a better place. Hence, we thought we create an app for Shopify.

In order to make the web a better place, Yoast is donating 5% of its revenue generated from the Shopify app to the AMP project. When asked what kind of influence and accountability the company will bring to the AMP Advisory board, de Valk said, our primary goal will be to offer advice.

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