You can now add notes on Google Search Result

As Google gives a green flag for the user’s concern about AI generated content, sooner or later, the search engine result pages are going to be overloaded with machine generated content.

To solve this issue and also not letting the search result lose the human touch, the Google Search team has rolled out a new feature called “Notes”.

With this feature, users can now comment (or we can say post a note) on a search result and can simultaneously show their expertise about the content.

This also gives a human touch to the search result.

Although Google rolled out this feature now, it is not the first platform on the web to have this feature. It seems like LinkedIn already understands that sooner or later we are going to be bombarded with lots of machine generated content and therefore we need a unique human touch to that content. Hence they launched a feature called LinkedIn Collaborative articles.

To add a note on a Google search result, first you have to enroll your Google account to use this feature.

You can enroll to use Notes by opting it in Search labs.

For that, open Google Apps on your Android and iOS device.

Then, open and tap on the flask icon in the top left corner of your screen (like as I show you in the screenshot below).

Not enable the option that asks for the enrollment of notes feature.

As soon as you complete the enrollment, an Add Note button will automatically start appearing below each search result.

How Notes feature looks in Google Search

Tap on the Add Note button to compose a note for the particular search result. You can also customize it with different elements like text, stickers, and photos (starting with US, Google is also testing a feature to generate images using AI in Notes).

Now, once you are done composing the Notes, you can post it to make it available for all the users who already opted for this feature in search labs.

So, although this is an experimental feature right now, if it becomes a part of regular Google search then it will become a goldmine for marketers.

Google says, Notes add a unique layer to the existing content on the web.

For now, this feature has been made available for the English language users in the US whereas English and Hindi language users in India.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the steps given above to add notes on Google search results.

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