Google News to Render Article without RSS Feed

Google gradually started rolling out the Page Experience Update from mid of June this year.

The search giant has recently tweeted about the completion of successful Page experience update rollout.

As part of page experience update, AMP format is no longer needed to rank an article in Google Search Top Stories carousel.

However, the non-AMP content must meet all the Google News Policies.

Those of you who don’t know, websites listed on Google News are only eligible to appear in Google Search Top Stories carousel.

Following the Google Search and as part of page experience update, Google News also announced to index non-AMP content on its platform.

That means when a user taps or click on any article (even though it has an AMP version), the platform might open its non-AMP version.

Till now, Google News does not often show non-AMP content to its users, the company recently has mailed an email to the publishers that confirmed the platform is now frequently going to show the non-AMP content.

You can read the content of the same mail in the screenshot below.

There are few more things mentioned in the mail that concern publishers to manage their content on Google News.

Google News no longer require the RSS Feed to render a website content

In the early November 2021, Google News is depreciating the below options to better manage the content on its platform.

  1. Feed-Based Article rendering option
  2. Feed Ads
  3. Custom Analytics Tracking IDs
  4. 3rd Party Tracking Pixels

How does Google News going to render the article?

You might be thinking, how is Google News going to render the article once removing the feed based rendering option.

So far, if a publisher submitted the RSS Feed URL of its website in Google News Publisher Console, the news bot prefers first to render the elements mentioned in the RSS Markup. For example, the Article Title, Featured image, Date, Author, Article Body, and others.

Now, once Google News remove the feed-based article rendering option, the news bot renders the webpage element just like a browser do.

With feed-based rendering the news bot only understands what a page is about while with browser-based rendering the bot will also understand about User-experience.

With browser-based rendering the bot can find:

  1. Low content quality pages
  2. Slow pages
  3. Improper structured pages.

The bot will see your website just like a user do.

Hence, removing the feed-based article rendering option also allows Google News to understand the experience of a user on a webpage.

How will you track your site visitor on Google News?

As Google News is removing the option to add custom or third-party analytics id, you might be worried how to track your site visitors.

Well, first let me tell you that, there is no need to worry about the same.

You will still be able to track and measure all traffic to your site from Google News using your website’s existing analytics. You can also track the same from Google News Performance Reports in Search Console.

So, that is all about the article. If you have any query, do comment it in the comment section down below.

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