Follow Keywords in Google Search

From long ago, Google search has integrated a feature called “Follow” in many of its platforms.

We see the follow button feature on YouTube, recently on Google Discover, Google News and many others.

However, can we ever imagine having this feature for Google Search? Especially when we are talking about keywords.

Surprisingly, Google search is rolling out the follow button feature that will let us follow keywords in Google Search.

But, what will happen after we follow a keyword?

We will know the answer to this question, after knowing how Google search will give us a follow button for a particular query.

How Google Search Gives a Follow Button for a Keyword?

Once we enter a keyword in Google Search, it will now give us a Follow button for the respective keyword we feed .

Now when we tap on the follow button, Google search will give us more of these topics associated with the keyword in our search results. And not just on search results but on Google Discover as well.

See, the below screenshot, here a user queried for the keyword “Half marathon training” and how Google search gives a follow button respective to the same query. Now, once the user taps on the follow button, see how Google search gives more personalized content associated with the keyword.

How Follow Keyword Works in Google Search
How Follow Keyword Feature works in Google Search | Image Credits:

Now it may happen that when you follow some keywords, Google search gives you news associated with it. They call it Perspectives for the keyword.

Perspective of following keywords
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You can manage the list of all keywords followed by going to the settings > interest menu in your Google Search app.

How to manage your following keywords in google search
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To get more insight of how this feature works, check out the video given below.

Google Search is rolling out two brand new feature called Notes and Follow. This video explains, how these two feature works.

For now, Google is rolling out this feature in the US. However, soon it will roll out to all the users.

The Notes feature is available in India as well.

That’s it for the article. Do let me know in the comment section down below if you have any queries or suggestions for the article.

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