Google Page Experience Update for Desktop

Can’t find new content ideas for your website?

So don’t panic, Google search console is coming soon with such an option through which you will now be able to easily find new content ideas for your website.

Content Ideas is an amazing feature with the help of which you will easily be able to see relevant content ideas from your website which is recommended by none other than Google itself.

Although this feature is not a new feature, people who are obsessed with various Google applications have already seen this feature in Google Question Hub and Blogger.

Note: Blogger has now deprecated the content ideas feature.

Through the Content Ideas feature, webmasters will be able to find the questions that most users are asking Google.

Source: Nicolas Ockier

If you look carefully in this photo, you will see the section of Followed Topics in the sidebar on the right side. In this section, the webmaster will be able to choose different topics, just like in the question hub. The more topics the webmaster selects, the more Google Search Console will give unanswered questions relevant to that topic.

Through this feature, Google’s effort is that those who come to Google to find the answer to any question, they do not have to return disappointed.

The last thing to note in this feature is that if you like a content idea, you can also save it – like a bookmark.

Nicolas Ockier first saw this feature in his Google Search Console account and shared it with people. Yes, I have not seen this feature in my Google Search Console account yet, which shows that it is an experimental feature.

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