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This article has compiled the list of the best WordPress Cache plugin for 2022. I hope you will like it.

After Google has made the Page Experience a ranking factor, website speed is one of the most vital things you should look to rank in the search engine.

The website speed is dependent on several factors but caching is one of the most important things you should consider to increase your website’s speed.

In WordPress we can implement caching by different methods, however, the easiest and best way to implement caching in WordPress is through plugins.

Now talking about plugins there are a plethora of caching plugins available in the WordPress Plugin’s repository but finding the best one is not an easy game.

Here comes the role of this article. Here I have compiled the list of the top 5 best WordPress caching plugins that you should keep in your bucket while planning to increase the site’s speed.

Before revealing the list of best WordPress caching plugins, let me tell you how caching increases your website’s speed.

How Caching Boosts Our Website’s Speed?

When we implement caching on our website, we basically store the most frequently accessed files of our website at a temporary storage location.

Think of it as organizing your desk in a way that you find the most frequently used items easily.

Now, how does caching boosts your site’s speed?

Consider a case when a user visits a specific page of your website through a search engine, it means that the same page is ranked on the search engine and is frequently accessed by different users.

So, to make that page easily and fastly accessible by the users, we implement caching on that page.

How do we implement Caching on a Webpage?

Well, here as we are talking about implementing caching on a WordPress website, we can do the same through plugins and that is all this article is about.

Types of Caching we can implement on WordPress Website

  1. Static Page Cache
  2. Browser Cache
  3. DNS Cache
  4. Object Cache
  5. CDN Cache

We can implement all the above caching through the plugins mentioned below.

So without further ado let’s look at the top 5 best WordPress Caching Plugin.

Top 5 Best WordPress Cache Plugin in the Year 2022

Plugin NameStatic Page CacheBrowser CacheDNS CacheObject CacheCDN CachePrice
WP RocketYesYesNoNoYesPremium
LiteSpeed CacheYesYesYesYesYesFree
W3 Total CacheYesYesNoYesYesFreemium
WP Super CacheYesYesNoNoYesFree
WP Fastest CacheYesYesNoNoYesFreemium

So, this is our list of the top 5 best WordPress cache plugins if you want to optimize your website’s speed in the year 2022. Do let me know in the comments down below, if you have some more plugins in your mind.

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