WordPress 6.3 is going to make website customization easier.

In a bid to make content creation easier, WordPress team has brought a new plugin called Jetpack AI Assistant.

Similar to ChatGPT, it also has a conversational user interface which means you can interact with it just like you are texting someone.

To use this plugin, you just have to insert the AI assistant block in your WordPress editor and then feed the prompt you want it to write about.

The plugin is equipped with several features and below, I am going to talk about the same.

Jetpack AI Assistant Features

Adaptive Tones

Jetpack AI Assistant has a total of 10 writing tones that are also called Adaptive tones. You can choose any of the tones as per your writing style. Here are the writing tones that are present in Jetpack AI assistant:

  1. Formal
  2. Informal
  3. Optimistic
  4. Serious
  5. Empathetic
  6. Humorous
  7. Confident
  8. Skeptical
  9. Passionate, and
  10. Provocative


One great feature you will find in this plugin is “Translation”.

You just have to select the text you want to translate and the AI assistant will translate it in the language you want.

Spelling and Grammar Correction

While so far many of you were dependent on third party services like Grammarly or Google Docs to check whether any spelling or grammatical mistakes reside on your document.

Well, that’s not the case now, as the Jetpack New AI Assistant plugin takes care of it in one go.

It goes through the text you have entered in the WordPress editor and analyzes whether any spelling or grammatical mistake is present in the text and then corrects it.

Title Ideas & Summary Generation

One of the most difficult parts of writing an article or creating a web page is creating an optimal title and summary for them.

Jetpack AI Assistant plugin helps you with the same. It easily generates the title and summary for the article or webpage for you.

How much does Jetpack AI Assistant Costs?

As I said in the title above, Jetpack AI Assistant comes in Freemium model, which means, users can use it for free but for more advanced features they have to pay for it.

For example, In the free version they can make a maximum 20 requests per month. On the other hand, In the paid version, that comes at $10 they can make unlimited requests per month.

See the below screenshot to better understand its price.

Now, if you compare Jetpack AI Assistant with ChatGPT premium, it comes at half of its price with no upper limits.

What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments down below.

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