Does Changing the IP Address of a website affect its Ranking

Ever now or then you might have asked this one question to yourself – Does Changing the IP Address of a website affect its Ranking?

Well, Google Search Advocate, John Muller has answered the same question on a reddit post.

The user asked, “Will we lose our Google Rankings if we move our domain to a new IP?”

Here is how Google’s John Muller answered it.

As you can see in the screenshot, John Muller said, changing the IP Address of a website might affect its crawl rate. Its ranking will not be affected.

What does it mean by Crawl rate?

Crawl rate means how many requests a search engine bot makes to your website in a second.

You cannot control how often Google crawls your website, but you definitely control the crawl rate. However, it is not recommended in general. That is because Google has sophisticated algorithms that decide the optimal crawl rate for a website without exhausting the website’s bandwidth.

Some webmasters rarely limit the crawl rate of their website from Google after meeting server load. If you want to limit the crawl rate of your website, you can do it from the crawl rate settings page from your Google Webmaster account.

You can read more about Google Search crawl rate from here.

Why does Search Engines change the crawl rate when changing the website IP address?

When we move a website to a new server its IP address changes.

The search engine might take some time to figure out the capability of the new server. Like how often to crawl it.

So, if you are thinking that you might lose your website ranking if you move your website to a new server, let me tell you, that is not going to happen.

That also means a Website’s IP Address is not a part of Google Search Ranking Algorithms.

While moving our website to a new server, if you want to decrease the period of DNS resolution, you can set the DNS TTL to a low value.

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